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Flawless human being.

A little mix I put together for those who only know her as the angelic voice singing with Brad Paisley on Whiskey Lullaby, because she's so, so, much more than that. And she literally can sing anything. Seriously.

So if you know me, you know I'm obsessed with Alison Krauss right now. One of my favorite things about her is her ability to sing literally anything. She can mold her voice to fit whatever she's singing. With the soft, angelic, soprano voice she has, I would have never guessed she could do things like this with her voice. And I decided that everyone needs to know how amazing she is, so I compiled a mix of songs I best think show off her amazing voice. There's quite a bit of live stuff in here, but I am very picky about quality so it's all decent. This isn't meant to be an, "oh my gosh, I love this song" type of mix, this is meant to be a, "holy crap, Alison Krauss is AMAZING," so don't think I'm trying to sell you on the songs.

Also, this was written at about 2am, so I kind of became a dorky fangirl when writing this up.

Anyway, that being said, enjoy!

Download the full zip at the end, or previews/individual downloads on box.net.

When The Levee Breaks [Live] (with Robert Plant)
She does a version from CMT Crossroads which is more stripped down, but this version is not that, this is from the Raising Sand tour, and she really kills it on this, especially near the end.

Shoppin' for Love [Live]
I pretty much have no idea why she sang this, but it's funny and I love it. It's bluegrass-y, but is vocally different than most stuff she sings. Her voice soars on this, and she does this little growl-type thing with her voice that I die over. It's worth it just for that, to be honest!

Blue and Lonesome [Live]
She does this with Dan Tyminski from the band, and their harmonies on this are beautiful and perfect and I just love this song.
bonus: Bluebird Café video (notice the little look Alison gives Dan...they're cute) // alternate

That's All [Live] (with Vince Gill)
This is a cover of a Genesis song that she and Vince Gill did on CMT Cross Country, and it's pretty much something I never thought I'd hear her sing, but this just reinforces my point that she can sing whatever she wants and absolutely nail it! :) Also, Dan's harmonies with her are love.

These Dreams [Live] (with Heart)
If I had to pick my favorite cover Alison's done, it would probably be this one. I can't get enough of this and how beautiful and amazing she sounds, especially on the chorus when the drums kick in - it's heaven. Nancy and Ann's vocals just add to the perfection. This isn't really Alison's genre, but god, I would love for her to record more music like this. Her voice. Flawless, flawless, flawless.

What The Cowgirls Do [Live] (with Vince Gill)
One of Vince's songs she chose to sing for Cross Country (and one that Vince said he'd bet she'd never pick). I'm a little obsessed with this right now. It's definitely country but there's a kind of swing and sass in this that we don't usually see in her.

Wildwood Flower [Live]
I love when she does covers of older country/folk-type stuff, because she can just make her voice give this twang and this element to it that it doesn't always have, and it's a pretty song. And she's amazing. Duh.

You Can't Hurry Love [Live]
I always thought this faster-paced, more contemporary song would not go so well with her voice and style of singing, but damn, she proves me wrong again.

Let Me Touch You For Awhile
I think I chose this song more for the lyrics (I know, I know, I said this was more of a vocal mix, but I don't care, it's my mix and I can do what I want!) and how she can sing a song like this and actually make it not sound like what it is. I think ladyanneboleyn sums it up perfectly here: This is probably as good a time as any to ramble a bit about how much I adore this song. It’s one of my favorites because it’s such a brave choice by Alison. It would be so easy for Alison to just sing songs about being a poor brokenhearted girl (a la Taylor Swift’s entire catalog of “I love you so much, why do you ignore me for that whore” songs). Instead, she chooses really complex, morally ambiguous songs (Restless also comes to mind), and Let Me Touch You For A While is my favorite example of that. Not only does she not condemn the seductress offering casual sex to a man; she embodies that role for the duration of the song, telling this woman’s story imbuing it with its own humanity, its own depth, its own tinge of heartbreak. And that’s such an incredible choice and accomplishment for a female artist.

Oh, Atlanta [Live]
They do have a studio version of this but in no way does it compare to the version off their live album. You can tell Alison really has fun singing this, and she really tears it up. Also, I can tell you it sounds even better live. (Please disregard her weird pronouncation of "Georgia." It's weird, I know.)

Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us
From the Raising Sand album. This is kind of an unusual song.

Song for Life
ladyanneboleyn spazzes out about this with me. Alison was, I believe, sixteen when she recorded this and at that time, she was so young and obsessed with a technically perfect vocal track. But this? There's soul and maturity and grit in her voice here, and you really believe her when she sings, despite the fact that she's singing songs she can't even relate to. Also, no, sixteen-year-old Alison does not drink as much she used to, lately it just ain't her style.

Back in Love Again
Alison sings...pop? No, I'm not kidding here. She does and it's a fun, upbeat song that I pretty much never thought she'd sing. One of my favorites, for sure.

Dream Lover
It's polka. It's weird. It's awesome. But mostly weird.

Goodbye and So Long to You [Live]
This is along the same lines of Wildwood Flower, the twang in her voice gets me. And this is such a sassy, fun, kiss-off song. She has fun with it.
bonus: Best live performance (Her sass in this is amazing, and her hair flip and her hands on the microphone skldjhasdf. This is coming from the woman who, for so long, held her fiddle and sang and stood as still and stiff as a statue. Also. She's hot. Just sayin'...)

Shimmy Down the Chimney
I can't say anything about this. No, really. I'll just start laughing and making jokes that no one but two people will understand. Just listen to this. And keep in mind that she and her brother wrote this. As a Christmas present. For their parents. I can't even.

9 to 5
A sort of blues-y/jazz-y version of this, and this is also at the top of my list of favorite Alison covers ever. She's amazing. End of story.

Trampled Rose
Flaw, what flaw? Nope. She's just perfect.
bonus: Amazing live version (I cannot get over how absolutely effortless she sings this, oh my GOD)

What'll I Do
I'm a huge fan of older music and at first guess, I though this sounded like something out of the 40's (upon looking it up, it was the 20's) and gosh. I would love to have an album of her singing older songs like this, because she just sounds perfect and it amazes me how she can mold her voice to make it sound like something out of this era of music, yet as I proved earlier, she wail and be a total rock goddess on Led Zeppelin songs. That's freaking talent and just pure amazingness.

Can't Find My Way Home
I dare you to find me a bluegrass artist who can cover this and sound just as good as Alison. She isn't just a one-genre type of singer. You know some people are just purely country, and no matter how hard they try, they just sound country when they sing. Alison? Not so much.

Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson
Another gem from Raising Sand. And okay, another thing I absolutely love about her? She doesn't change gender pronouns in fear of compromising the integrity of the song. There's numerous songs she has sung about a woman, and it's just another one of those little things that I adore about her. And, Alison singing about a woman is kind of hot.

Any Old Time [Live]
The first time I heard this was in person back when I saw her in June, and like Oh, Atlanta (which, coincidentally, follows this song in her set list) - it's even better in person, her voice and...her everything, basically. Congratulations Alison, you put all other human beings to shame.

Living Prayer
Even when I wasn't such a huge fan, her voice still could blow me away on this. I think this is the song that made me realize how versatile she actually is. She may naturally just sing in a quieter, softer tone (like on here), but that doesn't mean she doesn't have serious range and power when she needs to (also, like on here). This is also beautifully written by none other than AKUS member Ron Block. ♥

Battle of Evermore (with Robert Plant)
The last half of this, good lord. I'm convinced she isn't human. She can freaking wail. And keep up with Robert Plant. Alison, you are in a freaking league of your own. Everyone else just go home. She wins.

download full mix here! // Box.net folder

I hope you enjoyed this! If not for the music, at least you got some amusement out of my utter adoration for her and her talent. If not...at least she's pretty to look at? Also, if you're a fan and you have tumblr, join us over at fuckyeahalisonkrauss! It is run by myself, ladyanneboleyn, and another friend of ours who is not on LJ. We love Alison, we have fun, we flail, we tease, and we are very active and up-to-date. Basically, we rock. So come check it out!
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